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The "Poetic Hotel" is a project conceived and curated by Simone Berno.
This is an installation set up in Padova, inside an abandoned hotel.

The rooms, left as they were, in their state of decadence, have been transformed into an artwork composed of several artworks.
Inside this contemporary art installation, we find sculpture, painting, photography, literature, poetry, audio-visual performances and street art.

This Hotel will remain ever closed to the public.

The Hotel is an inaccessible installation, visible only from the outside, or through the media published online, which are also the memory and archive for this installation.

The artworks at the "Poetic Hotel" have been installed by the artists and abandoned, intentionally, forever. 

No one will see them again live, until they "fade", when the "Poetic Hotel" will be torned down, bringing with it its beauty,

to become a new memory.

The hotel and the installations inside the rooms, will also be visible through the most popular Hotel booking platforms.




Poetic Hotel Padova 

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